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Brief history of microbicides

The use of spermicides to prevent unintended pregnancy has been proposed decades ago. Some of them applied topically were able to diminish also rates of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and thus were proposed as potential microbicides. However, none of the first generation of microbicides, including spermicides as surfactants, acid buffers or polyanions showed significant efficacy in preventing the acquisition of HIV among women. Moreover, nonxynol-9 showed an increase risk of transmission as compared to a non-treated control due probably to the induction of an inflammatory state in the vagina. Nevertheless, recent promising results of a tenofovir-based gel have raised hopes that an additional effective female-initiated prevention option may soon become viable (CAPRISA004 trial).

In spite of this promising behaviour, the effectiveness shown by tenofovir gel in the CAPRISA trial was below 50% (between 39 and 50% in the follow-up period (30 months), raising the need for more effective microbicides able to provide long-term full protection from sexual transmission of HIV in women. In addition, to favour their acceptation and distribution among African population, new microbicides must be low-cost products and do not require particular conditions for their optimal preservation.

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Productive HIV-1 infection of human cervical tissue ex vivo is associated with the secretory phase of menstrual cycle. Read more.    




10/01/2014. The partners of the project and the Scientific Advisory Board attended the Progress Meeting of the project in Madrid.  



October 7-10, 2013. ISCIII and SEPROX presented an oral communication and a poster in the AIDS Vaccine Conference. Read more.


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